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Every Bingo Game Needs a Good Host

Not just anyone can become an online bingo chat host. It takes a certain love of the game as well as a desire to help others and participating in an online community.

An online bingo chat host, often abbreviated to CH or CM, is a chat moderator that makes announcements, mention promotions, and will answer any questions that might come up during a game.

There are many websites that allow members to become online chat hosts. The best way to become a chat host is to contact the website directly via email, phone number, or contact form. Bingo sites are always looking for new talent, and it may be helpful if you join their online community. If you ask around, be patient and courteous then in no time at all you will be helping out your fellow community.

Becoming an online bingo chat host is a voluntary position. The pay is the experiences that the CH has with his or her fellow bingo enthusiasts. However, many websites offer bonus and incentives to become an online chat host.

Examples of what Good Chat Hosts Offer to Your Game

At Jackpotjoy online bingo is more than just an online game, it is a thrilling experience that you can share with and active online community. Jackpotjoy's online bingo chat hosts are there to help you make the most out of your online bingo experience. Here are a few of the trained professionals that can help elevate your online experience.

1. James - This guy loves music just as much as he loves online bingo. He also enjoys a cup of tea with biscuits while he plays online bingo, or Doritos and lots of salsa! He also is a BIG Plymouth Argyle fan. James brings a sense of courtesy and customer satisfaction that you won't find anywhere else on the web.

2. Emily - This is a sincere and witty gal who loves answering questions asked by the online bingo community. She sees each question as a puzzle and loves the online community experience. Her favorite movie is Pretty Woman. Her favorite bingo chat game in Donkey Derby, where a member is selected to play and has to run around the course. It is always lots of good fun when you are chatting with Emily.

3. Fiona - She is everything that you would expect in an online chat host. Friendly, funny, and full of life, Fiona is sweet and innocent but also has a devilish side to her as well. Her favorite part of chatting online is the quizzes because of all the interesting answers and great community atmosphere. Come online and chat with her to lighten up your day!

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