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Bingo Tips

Online Bingo tips are listed below. It is a common misconception that there are no tips in relation to playing bingo, whether online or in your local Bingo Hall or playing free bingo.

This is certainly not true and although some of the following tips seem to common knowledge, have a look at some of the Bingo players around you and you'll probably be surprised at how they may not quite be "on top of their game". Don't let this apply to you or your friends - it could be very costly so be sure to keep on top of this!

Bingo is Fun

We are thrilled to present you with the best bingo tips regarding this wonderful game. Bingo online is a fun game, and in order for it to stay this way we have gathered a lot of information about it.

While we do not guarantee success we assure you these tips might bring you to the top of your game.

Firstly ... Ensure you are playing at a real and respected online Bingo Hall - there are many dishonest people out there who would love to take your money without you having the chance to win it back.

Online Bingo Tips

Please note all the online Bingo sites accessible through ourselves have been researched by us and no negative press about them has been found whatsoever.

  • Make certain you are literally sitting comfortably whilst playing Bingo - not only will this increase your enjoyment of the game it will also help to ensure you don't get an injury from sitting in an awkward position for hours on end.
  • Take a break from your computer screen at least once every hour - eye strain can occur if you sit at a computer for long periods of time without giving your eyes a rest.
  • Also if you're playing a game where you are required to "dab" the numbers that come up then you'll be more alert and concentrating better if you take regular breaks.
  • You can win big Bingo jackpots online, usually considerably more than in your local Bingo Hall - but don't let this make you gamble more money than you can afford to play.
  • Don't keep buying online Bingo cards until you win an amount of money back that you lost - there's always tomorrow and you could come back refreshed and with just that little more luck then!

  • Bingo from Virgin- a name you already know and can trust!

    Offline Bingo Tips

    • Be sure to have more than one dabber with you, probably three is a good number to have then if somebody borrows one you always have a spare to continue your game - if you can't easily mark your bingo cards then you won't know if or when you should call out!
    • Be aware that the more cards you are playing then the more possible it is that you'll miss one of the numbers that are called out. Don't play too many cards at one time.


    • Don't play Bingo when you're over-tired or intoxicated. If you aren't concentrating properly then numbers that could make you a winner may be called out without your knowledge.
    • Consider the more players there are then the more cards are out there trying to win the Bingo Hall jackpot, so if you know a time when there are less players in the club then your odds of winning should be improved. How busy it is may depend on the size of the Bingo jackpot prize, but weigh up whether you are playing for that one big chance or many smaller wins.

    The best Bingo Tip of all - Bingo is a game, and games are meant to be fun. Our best online bingo tip is if you stop having fun and enjoying playing this great game then either stop playing for a while, whether days or weeks, or change the place or people you play with. Try somewhere different and some people you maybe don't know so well - you may find this massively increases your enjoyment of the Bingo game. Above all - online bingo have fun!

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    Now you you have read our bingo tips, click the link to play play bingo