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Why Play Online Bingo over Live Bingo?

Bingo has its origins in Italy nearly 500 years ago and it has changed and evolved much since the days of the game known as 'Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia'.

The biggest change for bingo has been the invention and proliferation of the internet to the point that almost everyone now has access to be online at any time of the day or night. This has seen a massive boost in popularity in the game as well as a change in demographic so that both men and women, young and old play the game.

What are the reasons that people are now more drawn to online bingo than live bingo?

  • Ease of Access
While live bingo has set times and locations for people to play games where people have to go to the local bingo hall to play their game, the fact that there is always a game of bingo running somewhere online gives online bingo the edge over its older family member.
  • Anonymity

Live bingo has always been associated with the older generation marking their cards in smoky bingo halls and although the smoking ban has changed the atmosphere it is still renowned as a game played by older generation ladies.

However, many men enjoy the game of bingo and the anonymity of playing online allows them to play the game without feeling out of place, as they may do in a live bingo environment. Being anonymous has massively widened the demographics of people playing bingo and continues to strengthen the growth in online bingo games.

  • Free Money

Live bingo involves you purchasing your books after, depending on your bingo hall, paying entry to the hall so unless you win you are always out of pocket. The opposite is true with online bingo.

Take, for example, where you can play free bingo games, they credit you with a free £10 once you have created your account and then offer you a 300% first deposit bonus when you first fund your account.

The fact that you are being paid to play bingo again scores online ahead of live bingo in our opinion.
  • Variety

Whether you are in the UK or Ireland you will get to play only 90 ball bingo at your local bingo hall or the 75 ball version if you are in North America.

Online bingo sites offer both of these versions of the game for you to switch between at the drop of a hat, while many sites also offer other games to play while you are waiting for your next game to start. There are casinos and online slot games to play with the possibility of becoming a millionaire, such as John O. who turned a 30p spin into almost £6m on The Dark Knight game

  • Community

Online bingo again has the edge over live bingo in this sense as chatting during the games in strictly prohibited during live bingo games to ensure that the bingo caller can be heard as he/she announces the balls.

As the process of marking the cards for online bingo is automated there is plenty of opportunity for chatting during the games and with the option of playing chat games it is all but enforced.

If you haven't yet made the change from live bingo to online bingo what are you waiting for? Try your hand and play online bingo now! Looking for some bingo tips? Click here.


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